ScanMyServer helps you identify website vulnerabilities

Hackers have been targeting more and more websites everyday and your website is not exempted from this. You will never know when they will attack and once they attack, there’s no turning back. They would either deface your website, add malicious code to use your website for some other purpose like spamming or worse, steal your data.

We at 1PesoHosting.Com have been trying to be one step ahead by implementing various security measures. Our servers are monitored 24/7, an intrusion prevention is in place as well as strict security policies. However, even if we tightly secure our servers, individual websites are still very vulnerable because of their web applications and some website owners are not aware of their responsibilities in securing their websites. Websites are vulnerable for various reasons. It can either be because of poor coding, old and unsecured style of coding or simply the applications you are using on your website such as WordPress, Joomla and the likes are old and needs upgrading.

This is where www.ScanMyServer.Com comes in. Quoting from their website, “ScanMyServer, a free security testing service for websites and blogs provided by Beyond Security. Here you can scan your website for security weaknesses such as cross site scripting, SQL injection and many other vulnerabilities”. Scanning your website will reveal warnings categories from High, Medium and Low and will provide you references on why it’s a vulnerability and how it can be fixed. This site has been very useful for us since they also have a feature that regularly scans your site to alert you if there’s any new vulnerabilities found.

We have used their service to scan both our website and a freshly built hosting account and found out a lot of things. First, our own website needed a lot of fixing not because of server issues but because of the software we are using. However, when we scanned a newly created hosting account, it showed that there were no high vulnerabilities found. This meant that every website starts without any issue and because of applications installed (in our case, our WP site and billing site) we start to create vulnerabilities that leads to hackers going in to the website.

So why not visit www.scanmyserver.com now and get yourself a free account?

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