who we are

how we started

1pesohosting.com was officially registered May 2004 and started out as a web hosting division of TechSupport.Ph, Inc. As the business grew, we were spun off and was formally registered as an independent corporation in SEC as One Php Technology, Inc.

With over 12 years of web hosting experience, 1pesohosting.com has perfected a full suite of web hosting products to suit any requirement.

our servers and data center

Our servers are all top of the line HP/IBM/Dell/SuperMicro servers with at least 4 cores and 8GB of RAM. Equipped with RAID 1 mirroring for safety of your data as well as multiple Ethernet connections for network resiliency

Our enterprise class servers are housed at facilities with major providers including Sprint, Level3, AT&T, Savvis, AboveNet, UUNET, Time Warner, Genuity, Internap, Linx and over 300 peering points and transit providers spanning three countries within North America and Europe.

Our network consists of multiple 10 G Ethernet connections back to key communications centers in Atlanta. We connect to 56 Marietta and are able to handle up to 160 Gbps Ethernet metro cross connects to any one of the more than 100 carriers located in the Telx building.


1000domain registrations

1000happy clients

12years in business

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