Hackers have been targeting more and more websites everyday and your website is not exempted from this. You will never know when they will attack and once they attack, there’s no turning back. They would either deface your website, add malicious code to use your website for some other purpose like spamming or worse, steal […]

1PesoHosting.Com has recently partnered with http://www.cloudflare.com/ and we made this available on all our servers. To know more about CloudFlare, please visit their site or activate their service via your cPanel. We will post more about this in the next few days. If you are already interested in activating it, browse through this link: https://www.cloudflare.com/media/downloads/CloudFlare%20Training-cPanel%20Installation%20Guide.pdf […]

Our site was recently defaced! We were caught in the crossfire between Malaysian and Filipino hackers who were hacking sites because of the Sabah issue. Unfortuantely for us, since we are known to be a Philippine based site, we were targetted. Fortunately, there were no sensitive data that was compromised. However, to make things secure, […]

Hello Everyone! It’s been a while since our last post and we would like to great you advance Happy Chinese New Year! This year we are coming out with a very exciting promo. This is a first in our company’s history and both new and existing customers should definitely take advantage of. So visit our […]

Most hosting companies have automated billing system of some kind and 1PesoHosting is not different from most of them. Our advantage however is that we are using one of the best client management system in the industry known as ClientExec. This software fully automates our tasks from sign-up, billing, order processing, account creation and suspension […]