New Reseller's Guide

  • July 7, 2013
Each reseller account we offer comes equipped with two different control panels, WHM and cPanel. The Web Host Manager (WHM) allows you, the reseller, to create and customize individual accounts. The cPanel is used by the end user, and lets them control all their account details, including adding and removing email accounts, administering MySQL databases, and more.

Follow This Step-By-Step Guide to Get Started:

Create Packages

Creating packages lets you set up new accounts quickly and easily by defining default parameters for new accounts. Before you can create an account in WHM, you'll need to design packages that set up the amount of disk space, bandwidth, FTP settings, and more.

Creating New Accounts

After you've designed packages, you can start to add accounts to your WHM. If you need to custom build an account that doesn't fit one of your current packages, you can also design one to meet your client's needs. After you create the account, you'll be provided with login information to pass on to your client, and you'll be emailed details about the account creation.

Logging in to cPanel

Log in to the end user's cPanel to set up and administer individual accounts on the hosting package. From this software, you'll also have access to file managers, phpmyadmin, FTP settings, and many other applications that will assist you as you or your client build a new website or move your existing website to our servers.

Updating DNS Settings

Adjust the nameservers for your domain with your domain registrar to point at our servers. These DNS changes can take up to two days depending on your domain registrar, although in some cases it will only take a few minutes.

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